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Your personal image consultant

Everyone seems to have the same two problems when it comes to fashion: no room in the closet, yet still finding nothing to wear. Do shopping malls overwhelm you? Do you end up buying too much or nothing at all? I certainly know the feeling. 


I do not wish to change anyone and the unique style that they bring. Trained by Chata Romano and by using her formula that has been working for decades, my aim is to present to you The Complete Image Solution®, a personal image revelation where your skin tone’s best colours, combined with the correct fashion clothing pieces, come together to create a wardrobe that works for your lifestyle. Morning routines will be a breeze picking out outfits and shopping will actual be fun as you will know exactlywhat to buy, but most importantly, what not to buy. 

About me

You can't just sit there and wait for people to hand you your golden dream. You've got to get out there and make it happen for yourself 

- Diana Ross

After I finished my degree in B.ConSci: Clothing and Retail Management, I started to work in the FASHION/RETAIL industry for a retail company in Cape Town before deciding to add another professional skill in image consulting to my career. I chose the best brand and most credible course to associate and equip myself with and am now a certified Chata Romano Colour & Image Consultant for men and woman. 

I believe that everyone has their own personal style and I celebrate the uniqueness of every individual. I want to show any woman how to dress timeless and elegant. Let me assist you in enhancing your beauty. Not to hide, but to amplify your features so that you can be bold, brave and beautiful when stepping out into the world.

And for the men you might ask? Yes, you too can look strong and handsome. I want to show you that looking great and professional is a necessity for good business. 

Apart from fashion, I have a variety of other interests, ranging from good food, spending quality time with people, to hiking, horse-riding, being in nature and of course, travelling. Whether that means going abroad or finding those gems in our own country. I find my inspiration from every day people, and I enjoy how unique we all dress our bodies and embrace each other’s own style.  

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