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Find out which hairstyles best suit your face shape and which hair, makeup and clothing colours best suit your skin tone!

Please see below the 3 online consultations available to you:


The perfect hairstyles for your face shape


I will start by establishing the following:

  • Your face shape

  • The proportion of your forehead

  • The shape of your eyebrows, ears, eyes and nose

  • The length and width of your neck

  • The width of your shoulders

  • Your hair type, and how long you spend on your hair


Then, based on your individual analysis, I will highlight your best hairstyles (this is done on a shared screen so you can view the process I work through)

  • Short, medium or long?

  • Straight or curly?

  • Fringe or no fringe?


I will then email these references to you (3-4 references for the 30-minute consultation, and 6-8 references for the 60-minute consultation)

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The best hair, makeup and clothing colours for your skin tone

I will start by doing a skin tone analysis to establish whether you have a:

  • Soft skin tone

  • Medium skin tone

  • Deep skin tone

  • Rich skin tone

I will then go through your colour chart with you:

  • Your 16 best HAIR colours

  • Correct MAKEUP colours (foundation, blusher, eye shadow, lipstick, etc)

  • 60 perfect CLOTHING colours

  • Plus your JEWELLERY colours

  • ​ Q&A session to answer any questions you may have about colour

 You will then receive your gorgeous colour chart thereafter valued at R250. 

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The perfect hairstyles for your face shape and the best hair, makeup and clothing colours for your skin tone.


This is a combination of 30min Hair Colour and 30min/60min Hair Style consultation


All of the above information and analysis is applicable in this consultation

A complimentary Colour Chart valued at R250 is also included. 

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